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It's never happened and here it is again: Storm flooded Las Vegas again

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What's going on in the world: natural disasters on our planet Earth.
Latest news on weather events and natural disasters.

A new series of storms hit the famous "City of Vice" with heavy rains and floods. The last flood with flooded hotels and casinos occurred in Vegas just two weeks ago.
The entire urban area of ​​Las Vegas was badly damaged by the downpour, turning the streets into real gutters.
At Caesar's Palace, the staff struggled to cope with the aftermath of a heavy downpour, with flood water lashing right at the patrons in the hotel restaurant.
Planet Hollywood was also hit hard by the floods, with the building overflowing with water soaking through the carpets.
The massive flooding also led to severe power outages.
“We expect showers to last all weekend,” said Chris Outler, head of the Las Vegas National Weather Service.
“The chance of rain is very high. Right now there is no rain in the valley, but in the next days, especially in the afternoon and evening, the probability of rain is over 50%.

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