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10 Friendliest Animals On The Planet

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Nature’s full of incredible animals and loads of them are pretty friendly and easy to be around. We’re not just talking about cats and dogs! From smiling rodents in Australia to gentle giants in Africa, there are loads of animals in the wild that might be as delighted to see you as you would be to see them! Some of these cute fellas can be domesticated, although that takes loads of work, and most importantly, love. Some of them are so majestic, they were mistaken for mermaids by people of older times!

Let's take a look at the ten friendliest animals on the planet!

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Meet the world’s largest - and friendliest - rodent! They’re essentially the rodent version of a hippo. The capybara is an animal so friendly that it’s astounding. It can get along with any kind of animal peacefully. The internet’s been flooded with images of it happily hanging out with all sorts of animals, from humans to kittens, to ducks and even crocodiles!

Some small animals like to sit on their backs and ride on them too. They’re fantastic swimmers and you might have also seen some of them lazily sleeping in water. Now that’s cool! If you want this friendly creature as a pet all you need is a pool for it to swim in, grass to graze on, and some company to keep it happy!


The female figures that Christopher Columbus and his men wrote about seeing in the sea - called mermaids - are now known to have been manatees! Known as the gentle giants of the sea, this animal tricked the sailors of old times into thinking they’re beautiful mermaids! Manatees are incredibly gentle and friendly.

They can grow pretty huge: more than nine hundred pounds and three and a half meters in length. They’re known to be pretty cuddly, with images of them hugging and kissing each other being very common. In West African tradition manatees are sacred, and hurting one can come with some serious consequences. But seriously, who’d want to hurt these sweet creatures?

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