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This is a short version of the complete construction of a simple affordable home, watch the full video here:
We built this house for elderly parents. By design, the house is simple and consists of light blocks (aerated concrete).
The total area of the house is 640 square feet and the exterior dimensions are 18 by 22 feet.
We built this house without loans and on a small budget of $17,000. This cost also included the purchase of a piece of land for $2,000. The total budget did not include the cost of workers, since we did all the work ourselves.

We are a happy couple Hena and Vita
We like to create with our own hands, in this we find ourselves. We love making videos and try to make them useful. Therefore, we will develop ourselves and will continue to develop this channel.
We have many more DIY projects that we will definitely surprise you with. If you support family values and love to create with your own hands, welcome to our family "CREATIVE COUPLE"

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Before the launch of Ryzen 7000, AMD has slipped in one more Zen 3 product launch. Or at least, they are finally letting consumers buy it. The AMD Threadripper Pro 5995WX is a beast of a CPU that likely has Intel quaking in their boots. But with a massive price leap and the death of the non-pro lineup of Threadripper CPUs, has AMD turned to the greedy dark side? Of course they have, they’re a corporation.

Discuss on the forum:

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Intro: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Video Link:
Listen on Spotify:
Artist Link:

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:45 Y tho?
2:23 Benchmarks
5:24 About that price...
8:55 Epyc 7773X
10:16 Socket Support
11:03 Overclocking Support
14:18 Outro

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Check out my server rack buyer's guide here:

Complete 48V System Blueprints:

0:00 Intro
2:38 Tear Down
6:22 Conclusion

Does off-grid solar confuse you? Check out my DIY friendly website for solar system blueprints and packages, and much more!

Join our DIY solar community! #1 largest solar forum on the internet for beginners and professionals alike:

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12V Lithium Batteries:

Server Rack LiFePO4 deals:

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50-250W Solar Panels:

300W+ Solar Panels:

12/24/48V All-in-one Solar Systems:

Plug-N-Play Systems:

LiFePO4 Battery Cell Deals:


12V/24V Inverters:

LiFePO4 Battery Chargers:

Solar Charge Controllers:

Solar Panel Mounting Guide:


Battery Monitors:

Favorite Tools:

12V fridges:

DIY Friendly Air Conditioner/ Heat Pumps:

Online Stores for DIY Solar and Coupon Codes:

-Current Connected: SOK, Victron and High Quality Components. Best prices and warranty around:

-Signature Solar: Cheap Server Rack Batteries and Large Solar Panels

-Amperetime: Cheapest 12V batteries around:

-Rich Solar: Mega site and cheaper prices than renogy! Check them out: Cheap cell deals
10% off code: diysolar

-Watts 24/7: Best deals on all-in-one solar power systems, with customer support and distribution here in the USA:

Contact Information:
I am NOT available for personal solar system consult! No exceptions! All emails asking me to design or help with building your system will be deleted. If you are a business or youtuber and wish to contact me, this is my direct email:

Join the forum at if you wish to hang out with myself and others and talk about solar

Affiliate information and disclaimers:
Every video includes some form of paid promotion or sponsorship. Links in description are affiliate links. My videos are for educational purpose only. Information is subject to change/update at anytime. Electricity is DANGEROUS and can kill. Be smart and use common sense :)

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High purity GOLD SPONGE eBay Link:
High purity silver crystal:

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The world is moving toward renewable energy to save the planet from destruction by
pollution. There are several ways to generate energy from renewable sources, but one
of the most common methods and easy to set up is solar panels. Many households are
setting up their own panels, but the panels are held back by their inherent limitations!
However, scientists have revealed a new type of solar cell that revolutionizes the
renewable energy industry, known as Perovskite! What is Perovskite, and what makes it
far better than standard solar cells? Join us as we bring you all the details about
Perovskite solar cells that are finally hitting the market! Fair Use Disclaimer
1. The videos have no negative impact on the original works.
2. The videos we make are used for educational purposes.
3. The videos are transformative in nature.
4. We use only the audio component and tiny pieces of video footage, only if it's necessary.

Our channel is not associated with Elon Musk in ANY way and is purely made for entertainment purposes, based on facts, rumors, and fiction.

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing.

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In this video, I share my experiences with three very different suppliers of Lifepo4 cells. This is one of the hardest parts so I hope this helps you avoid the pitfalls and know what to expect.

There is a link below to my preferred supplier of cells based on trust and my experience with her honesty in our transactions and communications to date. If you use the name of my channel in your communications with Jenny Wu then they have offered me a small commission. I did not ask for this and they have not given me anything previously. My opinions that I express in this video have nothing to do with a potential compensation.

This channel exists to share the knowledge that I have gained. When they offered this commission it is because I made a referral to them and they thought that should be rewarded. Of course, they are looking for more sales. What I really find rewarding is when others are helped by the information that I share so please do what makes you comfortable. I am comfortable recommending Jenny Wu at Docan Technology.

You can mention "Ray Builds Cool Stuff". The price you pay will not be affected. Jenny can help you with the different options available.

Best wishes for the new year.

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VAN LIFE | This Van is Looking INSANE | DIY Ford Econoline Camper Van Conversion
In this video we basically build our van from start to finish! We show you how we frame all the cabinets, bed frames and such as well as installing our electrical system. We're in the final stages of building our dream home on wheels and so far we're in love with how our 1979 vintage 4x4 Ford Econoline is looking.




☘︎︎ OUR PAYPAL ☘︎︎ :
☘︎︎ OUR CASHAPP ☘︎︎ :$philipnlidia
☘︎︎ OUR VENMO ☘︎︎ :

- Camera, microphone, lenses :​
- Tripod :​
- Drone :​
- GoPro :​
- LED box light :​

We are PHILIP & LIDIA, an international married couple from Florida and Spain living in our van for over 9 years. We are passionate surfers/skaters living the California dream, looking for the best skate and surf spots everywhere we go.
We've been traveling in our tiny home on wheels all over the United States, parts of Canada, and Mexico. After overlanding Baja California, Mexico in our self converted 4X4 Ford E-350 for the past 6 months.
Now we are converting 2 vintage Ford Econoline in our new Warehouse space in Southern California. If you are new here, SUBSCRIBE, join the tribe!


*We are amazon affiliates, for every purchase made with our links we will make a very small commission from it! Thank you so much for supporting us if you buy anything!

#vanlife​ #philipandlidia #vanbuild #tinyhome #homeonwheels #diy #campervan #vanconversion #customvan #vanlifers #vanlifediaries

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DIY busbars:

Tools used in video:
Batteries LiFePo4 25Ah:
BMS 50A for LiFePo4:

Multimeter (similar):
Terminal connectors:
Crimper tool:
Battery capacity meter:
Lab power supply:
Wires 10 AWG silicon wires:
Soldering iron 150w:
Liquid Flux Pen:
Solder Wire:
3kw 48V inverter:
M6 Thread nuts:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Aliexpress Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Parts used to build
01:40 - Cells unpacking
04:16 - cells balancing
16:56 - crimp BMS balancing wires
18:40 - 12/24/48V batteries configuration
21:05 - connect BMS to cells
23:54 - verify balancing leads connections
26:50 - solder BMS wires to battery
29:18 - turning BMS on
30:46 - capacity test
34:24 - capacity final result
35:10 - battery final overview
35:55 - balancing wires length
37:42 - subscribe

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New 5x8+ Vee nose cargo trailer conversion 6 foot headroom It also has awnings over the side and rear

The bed/couch is a full size 4" memory foam mattress that is very comfortable and also has a twin size mattress that goes with it.

The electrical system is powered by two 100 watt solar panels mounted on the roof that supply two 100 ah agm sealed batteries . Pure sine wave 1500 watt inverter for 120volt power, New Porta potti, Awnings over side and rear.
If you have any questions and would like to see it please pm me. Add your food and bedding and you are ready to go! Weighs about 1450 lbs.

Pressure water from a 16 gallon freshwater tank also has a 13 gallon graywater tank 24 inch smart tv with DVD player and much much more. ready to go... add food and bedding and you're all set to go Camping fishing, hunting RV

About New Jersey Outdoor Adventures -

New Jersey Outdoor Adventures YouTube channel is about vanlife , camper vans, Van builders, DIY conversions and RV walk through tours in and around New Jersey.

New videos every Saturday at 10am eastern. Please subscribe for more awesome video tours.

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Thank you all for following along with me on this DIY squaredrop camper build. This project was extremely fun, and me and the family are super excited about having this to use now. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or ask. I will post as many links down below that I can think of that I used in this build that I received from Amazon (mostly all of it). The doors/windows/back hatch were bought from Vintage Technologies, and the MDO plywood I used was sourced locally at my local hardwood dealer.

AS always, the links below are Amazon Affiliate links, so this channel could receive a small commission if these links are used to purchase items. There is absolutely no fee imposed to you, this only helps out the channel.

Doors/windows/back hatch
Vintage Technologies
Paint used
Lowes - Valspar Exterior grade primer and latex
G/E 5000 BTU Air Conditioner
LED interior ceiling lights
LED Perimeter lights
LED Tail Lights
LED Trailer Light upgrade kit
Switch panel w/ USB port and 12v Outlet
Rooftop vent

Shore power plug, 15amp, 125 volt power inlet
LED Driver 100 watts, 110v AC to 12v DC output
Fuse Block
100ft of 12/3 stranded wire
Outdoor carpet
5000lb RV stabilizer jacks
7 pin trailer wiring adapter
12 gauge extension cord for shore power
Irwin auto wire strippers
Wire cutters
Soldering Iron kit
Loctite foamboard adhesive for interior insulation
RV Sealant / caulk for all windows-doors
Digital TV Anetenna
Coax cable inlet for F-type connector coaxial cable feed. Marine grade
1/2" D Ring Shackle - Stainless Steel
16ft Tow Strap
1/4" Split wire loom
1/2" split wire loom
Cable - wire clamps
TRIFOLD 6” memory foam mattress

Thanks to Justin Ross / LazyBrook Studios for giving this channel permission to use intro music. If you like rock/country/blues please check him out at the below:

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Get out camping fast with this DIY affordable camper trailer build. Building a small camper trailer doesn't have to take months or even years to build. And it doesn't have to cost upwards of $5,000. In this episode of Playing with Sticks we are highlighting Brigham. A young family man who built a squaredrop off road trailer in less than 4 weeks and for only $2,000. He is excited to share with you how to build an affordable camper by being patient, using buy and sell pages, and a handful of non-traditional components to not only save you money, but to also increase the overall build quality.

More videos similar to this one:
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🟢Why Pop-Up Campers are Best for Families:
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🟢Offroad Trailer Walkthrough Video:
🟢Traditional Teardrop vs. Offroad Teardrop
🟢Why Teardrops are Better than Scamps:
🟢Why Scamps are Better than Teardrops:

🎥Want to see more of our trailer walk through and trailer comparison videos? Click this playlist link here:

🟡Interested in the gear we take with us camping?

By purchasing items through these Playing with Sticks links there is no additional cost to you. Our family gets a small kickback from amazon for any purchases you make using these affiliate links.

Want to contact Brigham? He is currently looking for employment within the small camper or overland industry. Or are you just interested in learning more about his build or have questions of your own. Here is how you can contact him:
Instagram- Brigj10

Looking for how to support the channel? The best way is to share these videos with your friends and family. If you are new to the channel WELCOME ABOARD!

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After building our first teardrop, we had so many questions and compliments that we had to do it again! In this video, we show the first half of our third homemade teardrop camper start to finish in a Timelapse. We go into further detail o the aluminum, doors, and final steps in part 2.

As always, let us know if you have any questions! We have dedicated our time to helping others get in a teardrop trailer and on the road asap, through helping DIYers and building custom campers for those that don’t want to.

Happy building!

Links to items used for the build:
(Some Links are affiliated with Amazon Associates, which means I may receive a tiny commission on items purchased, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!)

Check out our first build Timelapse here:

Part 2 of this build:


Our DIY Camper Plans:

Hurricane Hinge:
Edge Trim:
Offset T-molding (hatch):
Side Table Bracket:
Aluminum Sheets:

Tongue Box:
Battle Born Battery:
12v Fuse Block:
Master Battery Switch:
Reading Light:
Vent Fan:
Charging Station:


Trailer Frame:
We used the Harbor Freight 5x8 Ironton trailer frame. We did make some modifications so it would work with out camper design. We added 2” spacers and 15” wheels, and moved the axle back a few inches to account for the added weight in the rear.

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Today I'm starting the travel trailer project and welding the frame together to create the basic shell of the trailer. I'm going for something between a teardrop trailer and a full size camp trailer!
Stay tuned as this project transforms from this base frame to a full fledged aluminum clad roadworthy camping companion.

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Big thanks to Industrial Metal Supply for partnering with me and supplying some of the steel for this project! Check them out online or one of their awesome stores!

If you guys like the videos I make and would like to help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Please consider doing some of you Amazon shopping through this link. I may receive a commission on some of the items you buy. Thanks for considering, it’s greatly appreciated ☺

Music sourced from the Youtube audio library and from credits as follows....

Hidden Potential 1 by Gavin luke
A Sound Foundation by Gavin Luke
via Epidemic Sound (license/subscription via partnership with Studio71)

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----------- DIY, Gardening, Outdoors, Home Economics, Preparedness, Permaculture, etc,.

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Sahuarita AZ 85629



homesteadonomics, homesteading, diy build, building projects, diy travel trailer, teardrop trailer, trailer, how to, mig welding, how to, homemade,

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In this video Craig features his diy camper teardrop trailer he created starting with a Harbor Freight kit trailer frame. He then planned and built out a full camper trailer from the ground up. This RV has a full rear tailgate kitchen, sofa/full size bed, solar panels, air conditioning and much more.


New Jersey Outdoor Adventures YouTube channel is about Vanlife , camper vans Van builders and RV walk through tours around New Jersey.

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On this video, we share with you our favourite construction materials to build our Unimog Camper Expedition Vehicle :

- Thermo-lite board 0:44
- FRP & XPS foam panels (Fiberglass panels - reinforced plastic) 2:14
- Aluminium T-Slots profile extrusions (8020 Aluminium) 5:41
- Aluminium Composite Panel (AliGloss) 9:57
- PermaTimber QuickBoard Ceiling & Wall Lining 11:35

These materials are light but strong & durable and perfect for application for van build, bus conversion, motorhome, truck camper or DIY caravan - shelving, flooring, ceiling, wall cladding, mounting etc!

#DIYCamper #ExpeditionVehicle #SelfBuilt

😎 REP our new Sticker - Free Shipping Australia & International

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🔔 SUBSCRIBE to follow our Australia overlanding adventures in our 1983 Ex-Australian Army Unimog U1700L and for all things outdoors, camping, offroading, hiking, fitness, cooking and spearfishing

📧 COLLAB with us

📸 FOLLOW US on Instagram :

The OutFit

Chris @magnus.outdoors

Ange @ange.the.baroudeuse

Bowser @bowser.unimog

Disclaimer : This video and the material covered is for informational purposes only. We are not professionals but DIY enthusiasts. If you require advice in relation to any matter you should consult an appropriate professional.
Chris & Ange

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Jessy and her cat Moonchi live in her 1978 Dodge Commander. She has been living the nomad life for about 3 years and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Her desire to live the modern nomad life lead her to write an online book, which is a guide that answers many questions about the lifestyle on the road. She loves sharing her passion with others and even offers to coach people who are thinking about transitioning into this lifestyle over the phone. In addition to her entrepreneurial adventures, Jessy recently renovated her RV and updated the interior and made some much needed mechanic repairs. How awesome is that, right?!! She now has a full bathroom complete with a shower, composting toilet, and plenty of additional storage; a newly designed bedroom with a queen sized bed; and a kitchen that has a full sized refrigerator and oven range. Her tiny home on wheels has practically everything that a traditional home has. With a rig like this, why not go tiny, see the world, and live the adventurous life.

Jessy's thoughts on going tiny, where there is a will, there is a way and don't let fear be the reason you don't go after your dreams. Wishing you all the best on your many adventures to come, Jessy!

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C L I C K T O S U B S C R I B E:

I N S T A G R M:

I Converted an old RV into a TINY HOME | Full build start to finish:

This travel trailer rv is set up as an off grid tiny home on wheels.

It is fully equipped with a solar power electrical system. There are two Solar Panels mounted on the roof of the trailer. All the rest of the electrical components including the Solar Controller, Pure Sine Wave inverter, and deep cycle Gel battery are mounted inside of the trailer.

There are AC and USB outlets in convenient areas throughout the trailer, as well as super bright 12 volt LED lights.

The living area of this tiny home has gas heat and a gas oven/stove. There’s also a fully functional sink and water system, as well a composting toilet.

For cooking and ventilation, the tiny house has a 3 speed Dometic Fan-Tastic roof vent above the kitchen area.

There is a projector screen that can be angled on a swiveling wall mount which is connected to a DTV antenna and my PS4 video game console.

All cabinets in the RV are secured with cabinet latches to make sure nothing falls while the trailer is moving. The bed also lifts up to reveal the storage underneath the sleeping area of the trailer.

I wanted to test my building skills by renovating an older trailer than I'm usually used to working with, so i decided to build this solar powered tiny home trailer with minimal tools. In this video I take you with me from start to finish and show everything that I built from the electrical setup to the details of each floorboard and shiplap wall panel.

mobile Tiny house living is all about doing everything you need to do in a regular house, while being parked anywhere you want.

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Welcome to Episode #6 of my travel trailer journey. This was my most rewarding experience so far. Because this will be a trailer I'll live in during harsh Canadian winters I spent a lot of time researching how to create a rock solid water proof flooring system.

To see what I’m up to during the rest of the week, please follow me on:

Instagram –
Website -
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Email -

My complete gear list - Affiliate Links

Jackery Portable Power Station:
My canvas tent:
My woodstove for my canvas tent:
My portable propane heater:
My trekking Pants -

My Tilley Hat -

My large saw -

My small saw:

Hatchet -

My drone -

My compact adventure camera:

My mirrorless Full frame camera :

My water filter:

My 4 person backpacking tent:

My 2 person backpacking tent:

My 50 Litre backpack:

My air mattress:

My hunting safety harness:

My hunting knife :

My hiking pants:

My soft shell jacket:

My rain jacket:

My arrows:

My climbing tree stand:

My multi tool:

My kayak paddle:

My stove:

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6 months of building a camper van condensed into 18 minutes for anyone who'd like the TL;DR version.
Check out my 4 Part Build Series for the full videos.



00:00 - What kind of Van
00:11 - Removing the interior
00:31 - Roof Rails
00:50 - Ceiling Fan
01:31 - Window
02:04 - Subfloor
02:19 - Sheep’s Wool Insulation
02:35 - Plywood Flooring
03:13 - Solar Panels
04:09 - Pull-Out Bed
06:19 - Kitchen Cabinet
07:02 - Salvaged Timber Benchtop
07:52 - Work Desk
08:41 - Overhead Cabinets
09:41 - Ceiling Frame
10:00 - Painting
10:14 - Installation
10:24 - Off-Grid Electrical System
11:04 - Wiring Ceiling Fan
11:24 - LED Lighting
11:57 - Sink and Benchtop Installation
12:11 - Plumbing
13:04 - Flip Down Table / Water Tanks Access
13:18 - Flip Up Table
13:37 - 3D Printed Latches
13:51 - Last things for the Kitchen Cabinet
14:05 - Pull-Out Bed: Latches
14:24 - Insulation and Plywood Panels
15:09 0 Finishing up the Desk
15:20 - Box for the portable toilet / Seating for Desk
15:38 - Templating for Flooring
16:00 - Curtains (with magnets)
16:22 - Mattress Cushions
17:04 - Finishing up

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► Music by Epidemic Sound (referral link):

» Videos referenced «
EFF30 Fireside Chat: Surveillance, with Edward Snowden:
(Licensed under CC BY 3.0 (; Changes: Animation added)
Joe Rogan Experience 1368 - Edward Snowden:

» Sources «
EFF - Mobile Phones: Location Tracking:
EFF IMSI Catchers: (Licensed under CC BY 3.0 (; Changes: Animation added)
Wikipedia - Mobile phone tracking:
FBI Guide Geo-Location: https://propertyofthepeople.or....g/document-detail/?d
Malte Spitz Data Retention:
AirTags Anti-Stalking measures bypassed:
AirTag stalking:
WaPo AirTag stalking:
Google collecting Wi-Fi data:
Google and Apple Location Services:
U.S. military buys location data:
Android MAC Randomization:
Malware fake phone shutdown:

Modern smartphones are so complex, no wonder people are confused about their capabilities. This video focuses on smartphone location tracking and tries to clear up facts and myths.
Edward Snowden explains why it is impossible to not be tracked using a mobile phone, Lilith Wittmann uses Apple's AirTags to find a secret agency and Malte Spitz reveals how powerful cell tower tracking can be.
Modern iPhones and Androids have multiple location services built in. That's why we have a look not only at GPS but also at Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

» Credits «
iPhone 13 Pro Max 3D model by CO_AXES (
Floppy Disk by krystiankiss (
Earth model by Gerhald3D (
Satellite model by flompydoo (
Vectors by
Vectors by
Snowden still image by EFForg from "EFF30 Fireside Chat: Surveillance, with Edward Snowden" ( (Licensed under CC BY 3.0 (; Changes: Cutout)

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